Fiona Lapham is a personal chef. That means that she comes to your home with fresh ingredients and cooks or teaches in your kitchen!

Fornello means “burner” in Italian, as in a burner on a stove. It also happens to be the name of the town where Fiona and her Italian husband, Sandro, live while they are in Italy.

Fiona Lapham completed culinary school in Florence, Italy before going on to work in both traditional and contemporary restaurants in Florence. She also has experience in catering both in Italy and in Philadelphia. Fiona spent a year as an event planner for Peachtree & Ward Catering, and loves anything to do with creating a party!

Fiona is HAACP certified.

All classes and meals are prepared by Fiona, she can help with set-up and she takes care of all clean up. If you require a server or servers to help with the meal this will be an additional cost.

Please bear with us as we continue to improve and update our website, classes, meals, and prices. This is the very beginning of┬áthe company, and it’s a learning curve!